Fresh, engaging and original online content that search engines love

An effective Content Marketing strategy combines a variety of techniques to acquire and retain customers online. Balancing the skill to communicate to customers clearly and persuasively, with the technical know-how to get that content noticed easily by search engines, can have a dramatic effect on the number of customers visiting your site and trading with you.

From the text on your webpages, to online video material to regular articles for a company blog, our in-house copywriters are skilled in writing high-quality original online “content” for clients. Content which your customers will want to read and will want to share through social media. Content that effectively sells the benefits and features of your products or services. Content that engages readers through a variety of different media. Content that search engines will notice and favour.

Our status as official Google Partners, ensures we are always up-to-speed the latest developments in digital marketing. This certainly applies to our content marketing projects where we steer clear of any outdated practices such as “keyword stuffing” which can damage a company’s SEO performance. Instead we focus on writing content that is original, relevant, sharable, and always follows best practice: bringing more customers to your site through effective SEO (search engine optimisation).

Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers

Copywriting for your Webpages

Our writers will create concise persuasive and search engine-friendly copy that presents your brand and your products / services through a fresh clear perspective.

Blogs and articles

A company blog regularly updated with relevant and useful articles is a superb way to communicate with customers and can have a huge impact on your SEO performance. Search engines favour sites with fresh new content, and articles featuring internal links within your site will also help search engines get a clearer picture of the nature and relevance of your site: this will secure you a higher profile when potential customers search for your products / services.

If you don’t already have a company blog we can easily set one up for you. Working closely with you, discussing article topics and SEO keywords, we can manage a schedule for your blog. Our writers will create original articles that feature industry news, showcase new products, provide useful advice and tips, promote upcoming events and special offers, help customers make decisions, or discuss trends in the industry.

Sharable content and social media marketing

Social media activity has become increasingly influential in determining how search engines rank your website in online searches. We always create websites that smoothly integrate with the social media platforms relevant to your business and feature content that can readily be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Our comprehensive social media marketing services also cover online advertising on social media platforms.

Video Marketing

Video is an incredibly powerful tool for communicating to customers and raising your profile online. Studies have consistently shown that video content is more likely to be seen and shared online compared to “static” content. Web content featuring video is also more likely to be favoured by Google and Bing. Our video content marketing services will help you bring dynamic video content to your website, effectively promote it through YouTube, and shared through social media.

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