At some point in your working life, you are guaranteed to encounter a self-styled digital marketing ‘guru’ spouting the immortal words “Content is King!”

This three-word phrase has been bandied around the marketing industry so much it has quickly become a tired cliche, but like it or not, it still rings true.

The “Content” of your website is absolutely essential in driving valuable customers to your website and your business.

But your “Content” needs careful planning and management to be effective. Merely publishing content on a website in an ill thought out and poorly managed way, will not yield the results you need; leading to disappointment and disillusionment with the whole digital marketing process.


So what does an effective content strategy involve?

  • Goals. Like any effective strategy, identifying and focussing on achieving specific marketing goals should be the central driving force behind all the content on your website. These goals will typically include; improving search engine rankings for specific phrases and key words, increasing visitors from a specific demographic, increasing ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ of your content through social media.
  • The content of your “content”. A strict focus on creating content that your target audience want to read and share; and written and presented in a way they will engage with. Content can be provided in many different formats; articles, infographics, video, podcasts and an effective strategy carefully considers your target audience’s preferred format.
  • Scheduling. Publishing and promoting your content regularly according to a schedule which identifies specific days and times to most effectively engage your audience.
  • Promotion. An effective content strategy does not end once your content has been published. It considers how the content is further promoted to the target audience through social media or other marketing channels.

The team at Essex Web Design Studio have considerable experience in driving customers to visit their clients websites and will be happy to advise on creating an effective content strategy for your business.