Minimalistic, UX Web design in Essex & London

From multinational corporations to small businesses and start-ups, a skilfully-designed website that communicates effectively with customers and is easily visible to search engines is one of the most important and valuable assets any modern business can have. Your online presence is your virtual shop front: the place where you can find new customers, communicate and engage with them, and in many instances, trade with them – anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

We constantly stay on top of the latest advances in web technology and current best practice, ensuring your new site has that vital competitive edge; increasing search traffic, attracting more customers and growing your business today and well into the future. And you will be pleasantly surprised at just how competitively-priced our affordable web design and digital marketing services are.

A brochure site to promote your business

Ideal for companies that don’t need an e-commerce site to directly sell products or services to their customers online.  As the name suggests, these sites act as an interactive online brochure to promote your company.

We can design an appealing and dynamic brochure website for your business. One that beautifully showcases the scope and quality of the services you can offer your customers. Compelling copy and video content can be used to dramatically illustrate how your business operates, how customers can benefit, and how they can get in touch with you. We can design your brochure site around a comprehensive SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy to ensure potential customers can easily find your business through online searches. Furthermore, customers can quickly and easily contact you or share your web content through social media.

Most of the brochure sites we develop for clients are built using the popular WordPress CMS (content management system). Our expertise and experience in WordPress allows us to create a custom-built sites that not only perfectly meets the clients’ needs, but allows them to update and maintain their site through the easy-to-use WordPress system.

A secure e-commerce shop to sell online

The e-commerce sites we develop not only act to promote your brand, but allow you to sell your products directly to customers online: quickly and efficiently securing transactions, arranging orders and deliveries.

After consultation with you and carefully considering your needs and online business model, we will develop a custom-built site using the well-regarded and reliable e-commerce platforms Magento or Shopify.

Favoured by many high-street brands, Magento is an extremely powerful, robust and easily-customizable platform. It is often favoured by larger online traders with a wide product range or businesses that need a site that can continue to expand. Our expertise with Magento, allows us to create e-commerce sites that can handle multiple languages and currencies, and even present a different “shopfront” depending on where the customer comes from.

We often encourage smaller online retailers with a more limited product range to consider an e-commerce site built through Shopify. Noted for its ease-of use, the Shopify dashboard allows clients to not only easily update their site, but access useful analytics and sales report data.

Both platforms allow us to create an e-commerce site that looks fresh, takes advantage of the very latest technology, and allows clients to easily update and maintain their online business with special offers, new products and new pricing.

A Mobile App for your business

With over 80% of web users now accessing the internet with a smartphone, it is essential that your business is mobile-friendly. All the websites we create are fully responsive, automatically adapting the way they display content to ensure mobile users can view your site with ease and convenience. But for an increasing number of businesses, there is a strong case for designing and developing a separate mobile app which customers can download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

We can create an app that allows customers to easily browse your products and shop online with you with their smartphones. Or maybe develop an app to specifically showcase or provide valuable information or services to customers through their mobile devices.

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