Crocketts Jewellers have been servicing their local town of Benfleet in Essex for just over 35 years. The company have a local store where they sell, source and repair all types of jewellery and watches. Although their old website was in need of a makeover, the company also wanted to start selling jewellery online and so wanted an E-commerce store integrated within the new website.

The clients wanted a future proof website that had a premium feel to it since their products have varying price brackets. The website we created is a minimalistic e-commerce store with a material design edge. This allows their products to fully stand out against a clean background. The idea is to add even more products over time to create a large variety of brands as well as high quality bespoke jewellery items too.

We’re extremely happy with the end result and look forward to working with Stephen & Jordan on an ongoing basis, where we aim to build on what we think are strong foundations for the future of the company.

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