Pay Per Click Management Chelmsford

Pay-per-click marketing can be a very cost-effective way for a business, large or small, to market their brand online. Pay per click allows you to create a text advertisement which appears whenever web users search for certain keywords or phrases relating to the services and products you offer. The ad appears as a “sponsored link” at the top of search results and you only pay for this ad if a web user (typically a potential customer) clicks on the ad and visits your website.

The huge marketing potential of this system is not without its pitfalls however. A thorough understanding of how it works, how best to bid for search terms, how best to word your ad, and how to manage your ad budget, is all needed to ensure your campaign is getting the results you need. Otherwise your online advertising campaign could end up in the doldrums, attracting the wrong sort of visitors and costing you more than make in return. That’s where we can help with outsourcing your PPC management to us.

We have extensive knowledge of the complexities of PPC management and are committed to staying on top of the latest developments in this technology. We are therefore best placed to implement and manage a successful campaign: one that can be reliably monitored and measured for effectiveness, one that gets the most from your marketing budget, and one that can adapt and respond quickly to get the results your company deserves.

PPC Management Chelmsford

What we can do for your ppc campaign

After finding out about your business, your marketing objectives and your customers, we would then systematically go about creating a bespoke strategy that works for you.

If you are already using pay per click, we would conduct a free audit of your current campaign; looking carefully at the effectiveness of the ad, the wording of the ad, the keywords / search terms targeted, and how much you are spending for each click-through. With the overall effectiveness of an online ad being measured by its “quality score”, we would then use this knowledge to carefully develop an ad with a high quality score (we typically achieve an impressive average quality score of 9.4 for our clients). This will minimise your cost per click-through and ensures you receive a greater number of genuine potential customers visiting your site.

Most clients ask us to manage their campaigns on an ongoing basis: constantly closely monitoring and measuring their performance. We respond quickly to the results we see: amending wording, keywords, bids and budgets, to ensure the campaign continues to be as successful and cost-effective as possible.

Using pay per click is a very pro-active approach to driving more visitors to your site and fits well alongside more “organic” SEO techniques such as boutique outreach link building and content marketing. Our breadth of expertise allows us to take a powerful co-ordinated approach in using SEO to effectively market your business online.

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