Wishbone Art are a well established art publishing house based in Chelmsford, Essex. The company specialises in modern fine art from some of the best artists in the country and supplies galleries all over the world.

Due to the company’s fast growth, the original website was quickly left behind and was no longer in line with the exciting young branding. We therefore wanted to bring the website up to date with current trends, but also give it it’s own unique style to make it original. The bespoke website design was created by our lead designer and coded from the ground up using WordPress as the website’s CMS and WooCommerce to power the trade shop.

The website now offers a modern and fresh appeal to it’s clients, whilst also now offering online orders via the E-Commerce section of the website. This now means that galleries across the world can quickly order stock from Wishbone art via the website whatever time of day, giving the company a fully automated ordering system.

ClientWishbone ArtServicesWebsite designYear2017Linkwww.wishboneart.co.uk