Box 2 Burn are a local boxing gym in Chelmsford that specialise in fitness and fighting. The club has a real family feel to it from the moment you take your very first class with them. Whether that be their men’s, women’s or kids classes, everyone is treated with respect and welcomed into the family.

After hearing about how they were helping families facing a tough Christmas this year with their annual present and food bank event, we were determined to help in some way too.

Each year the boxing club makes a huge effort to encourage the local community and businesses to help them organise a special day at the gym where families who are unable to buy presents for their children can come down and let their children each pick a wrapped up gift, ensuring as many local children as possible get at least one present to open on Christmas day.

Many of us have experienced financial difficulty at least once in our lives at this time of year, but this year i think we’re all feeling it in someway. None more than those that were already struggling financially before the current crisis. I can only imagine the anxiety and sadness that Christmas is causing this year for struggling families who simply can’t afford presents for their children, and so we felt this was such a great cause to support.

After seeing one of their social media posts asking for help, we were off to Smyths where we bought a range of gifts for children of all ages. Avoiding computer games and instead choosing toys that we thought would hopefully keep the children as amused as possible on Christmas day by encouraging some imaginative play instead.

On the day there was a great turnout at the gym with families coming down from all over Essex. Some had seen the event online and others were contacted by friends and support workers that know they may be struggling right now to encourage them to come down.

Of course not every parent could make the event and some may have struggled with turning up to an event like this, and so we spent Saturday afternoon seeing some of the children collect their presents as well as driving around Chelmsford making some special deliveries to those who couldn’t be there.

It was an honour to help Billy and his team this year and we hope to help next year too where we can. It was also great to see families who really need some help right now reach out and get some support. A good reminder for us all to be a little more thankful for the little things we take for granted everyday. A heart warming way to end a very tough year for all of us and a good reminder for us to reach out when we ‘re struggling as more often than not there is always someone wanting to help.