Galostar Ltd are a leading and well established brickwork contractor based in Essex, having been successfully running since 1994. Although their previous website was only 5 years old, web design moves at such a pace that the site was beginning to look tired and out of date, and so we were asked to completely re-design the website to bring it up to current standards and best practices

The main focus was to ensure the website was responsive and easily accessible across all devices. We therefore designed the new website from mobile upwards, making it uniformed regardless of the user’s screen size. Due to some of their customers still using Internet Explorer, we also made sure that the site was accessible through older browsers too, without having to sacrifice any of the animations and functions that we’d built in.

The result is a clean, minimalistic website that will ensure the company’s online presence will remain as future proof as possible, whilst providing an effortless user experience to their visitors.

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