Google Adwords, the flagship pay per click online advertising system has not only become the core revenue stream for this ever expanding brand, but has become an essential technique in promoting businesses large and small online. From sole-traders and small businesses to huge multi-national corporations, a well-managed Adwords campaign can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective modern marketing methods around.

Put in simple terms, Adwords allows businesses like yours to create a simple text advertisement online. Whenever a web user uses Google (consistently the most popular and widely-used search engine in the world) to search for certain keywords or search terms relating to your products and services, your ad will appear at the top of their search results (whether viewed on a computer, tablet or smartphone) as a “sponsored link”. And you only have to actually pay for the ad if the web user (likely to be a potential customer) goes on to click on the ad and visit your website. The Adwords platform gives digital marketers a tremendous level of control too; allowing you constantly adjust the wording of your ads, the target keywords and the budget you are willing to spend.

However for pay per click advertising to really work for your business, you really need a certain level of knowledge and expertise in this area. This powerful advertising platform can be very confusing and daunting for the novice, and in untrained and unqualified hands, you can easily waste valuable marketing budget on a campaign that doesn’t deliver the results you need and leaves you feeling disenchanted with digital marketing and SEO completely.

To ensure your Google Adwords pay per click campaign is working to get the results you need, it really pays to work with experts in this field and work with a certified Google Partners agency.

Why work with a certified Google Partner?

As accredited Google Partners, our Google Adwords specialists have received rigorous training from Google in all aspects of this complex platform. This thorough training covers areas such as optimising the wording of your ads, increasing the “quality score” (a measure of overall effectiveness) of your ad, optimising click-through rate, adjusting bids on popular keywords, identifying both dynamic and negative keywords and setting up automated rules to maintain the ongoing performance of your campaign.

However, having undergone this training, it doesn’t stop there. As certified “Partners” we are under constant scrutiny from Google in order to retain our coveted partner status. These demands ensure we are always up-to-speed with latest developments in the technology and consistently meet Google’s high standards and best practice. This way, you can be sure your digital marketing is in the best possible hands.

Finally, our certified partner status means we have access to and continued relationship with official Google reps. This relationship gives us access to invaluable information and “insider knowledge” which we can use to further improve the performance of our client’s Adwords campaigns.

In short, our status as certified Google Partners puts in the best position to manage an effective pay per click campaign for you. One that can be carefully monitored, measured and adjusted for peak effectiveness to ensure you see significant positive results for less money.

Our broad range of digital expertise at Essex Web Design Studios, from web design to content marketing and SEO means we can effectively co-ordinate an effective Adwords pay per click campaign with other digital marketing techniques to really help to promote your business online and boost your sales.