The unstoppable rise in mobile traffic, and what it means for your business

Take a quick glance at so many typical everyday social settings; people relaxing in a cafe, a party, an office space, or a family having dinner at home more often than not, the scene will be dominated by people glued to the small glowing screens of their cherished tablets and smartphones.

The launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010 kicked open a floodgate of mobile technology and software which has dramatically altered the way people not only use the internet, but how they interact and spend their time.

Indeed, in 2014, internet traffic accessed through smartphones surpassed that accessed via tablets and desktops combined. It is clear that more and more of your customers are accessing your business via mobile devices which poses the killer question is your website mobile-friendly?


A mobile-friendly website for your business

The growth in mobile usage has a number of implications for your business website and how your customers interact with it.

A traditionally-designed website may look and work brilliantly on a desktop PC, but may be very difficult to read, navigate and use on a small smartphone screen. A responsive website seamlessly adapts the way it displays information to the user depending on if they are accessing your site via a desktop, tablet or smartphone. A customer visiting your responsive website will find your site far more useful and easy to use, and therefore be more likely to buy from you! Furthermore, a responsive website is far more likely to have a higher Google search engine ranking than a non-responsive one.


Mobile-friendly content

Unsurprisingly, visitors viewing a website on a small mobile screen are far less likely to want to read lots of text, preferring instead to watch video content or see information displayed as clear simple eye-catching graphics. These trends are certainly something to bear in mind when you consider your content marketing strategy.


Mobile-friendly apps for your business

Mobile devices and apps go hand in hand. With more and more consumers preferring to access companies and brands via a dedicated mobile app rather than a traditional website; developing an app for your business is certainly something the smart business owner would want to consider.

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