Keyword Research: the cornerstone of successful SEO

If Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) aims to make your business more visible to potential customers when they search for your services, it is obviously essential that you first know exactly what they are looking for, and exactly how they are looking for it.  Carefully managed Keyword Research is the only way to reliably find out this vital information.

The invaluable results and information gleaned from expert keyword analysis, becomes the basic foundation for any successful digital marketing or SEO campaign. It should influence everything from the website design and content, to online advertising, to any accompanying social media activity.

Without this basic information, you risk spending your marketing efforts and budget in vain. Investing in keyword research however, will put you in the best position to make informed decisions about your digital marketing.

Conducting effective Keyword Research

Starting with a thorough and detailed keyword analysis report, we will gather “search volumes” for all of the keywords and search terms relevant to your business and customers. In this way we will identify very specific keywords and phrases potential customers are most likely to use in an online search for your products or services. We can then best advise how these results should influence the rest of your online presence and digital marketing, such as website design and development (including meta tags, meta descriptions, page titles, alt tags, page descriptions, etc), website copywriting (paying close attention to the precise wording in H1 headings, body copy, links, etc.), blogging and content marketing, social media marketing and Adwords campaigns.

Clients typically request a long-term working relationship with us, where we conduct ongoing keyword analysis for their business. By conducting keyword analysis regularly, we can ensure their digital marketing is constantly on track and that individual pages of their website continue to rank well for the relevant keywords and search terms.

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