Within the last decade, the ever-growing use of mobile devices has revolutionised the way we interact and access content on the web. And with this new technology, new ways of doing business and communicating with customers has evolved too. One of the most significant developments in web design has been the growing importance of responsive designs for business and commercial websites.

A responsive web design can adapt the way it displays information according to which device the reader is viewing it on; tablet, smartphone or desktop. The website responds, to always give the visitor the best possible user experience. For business owners, having a responsive website for their business has become essential for successful marketing and sales.


Consumers are more likely to access your website on a mobile device

As the use of mobile technology continues to grow and grow, more and more customers will be visiting your site from a mobile phone or tablet. Indeed, in 2014, web traffic from smartphones and tablets surpassed that from the traditional desktop, and that trend continues.

Studies have suggested that 67% of mobile users are more likely to buy from a website that is responsive / mobile-friendly, and that 61% of users will quickly leave a non-responsive website if it isn’t easy to use on their mobile device.

It stands to reason that if your customers visit your website on a mobile device, they will want to see a site that displays the information they need as clearly and quickly as possible for the phone or tablet they are using. This is where a responsive website design can really help any modern business.


Responsive websites boost your SEO

Search engines such as Google are placing greater emphasis on the user experience a website provides, when deciding the ranking the site gets in a search. By their nature, responsive websites are designed to deliver the best possible user experience on whatever device they are viewed and as such, are ranked much higher in searches. Effectively, businesses that do not have a responsive website run the real risk of missing out on potential new customers; losing them to their mobile-friendly competitors.


Responsive websites and social media

It should be no surprise that the huge growth in social media has coincided with the explosion in mobile technology. The two work perfectly together. Well over half of social media use is conducted on a mobile device and that trend is set to continue. If social media marketing is a key part of the way you promote your business and communicate with customers, having a responsive website that adapts beautifully to a mobile device means that content on your site is more likely to be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.


Future Proof

Smartphones and tablets are only the start of a mobile revolution. New innovations in wearable technology such as Google Glass and the Apple Watch provide exciting new platforms on which to communicate to customers. A responsive website can be easily adapted to display brilliantly on different platforms as this new technology develops.

To find out more about how a responsive website can benefit your business, get in touch with our experts today.